Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Disposition

today was a great day.  and it’s only 1:04pm as I type.  started off waking up pretty late.  8:24am with a church service that started six minutes later.  needless to say, i rolled in 20 minutes late, coffee in hand, Bible in the other.  i had the sunroof down the whole way; it’s glorious out.  how can you not smile on a day like today?
when i got home, i was feeling not so excited for a long run.  the temps had already climbed to mid-70s by 10:30am, and i become a SAUSAGE when I run (ask anyone who’s run with me in July), but after a conversation with Moo, she put me in the right head space.  She was about to run out to Teller Farms, so we decided we’d run together, separately.  I cut my run a liiiiitle short (9mi) because my skin was on fire and i wanted to drink the entire Atlantic Ocean minus the salt, of course.  
Now, I’m waiting for my good friend, Claire Wood, to arrive so we can hit up the York Beaches and catch up, talk about the move, gab on about The National (which we are going to see on Thursday - SO excited) and discuss life in general.  It’s always better with the ambient sounds of gulls and waves.  And laughter.  Between Pois, Moo and I, we could feed small countries with our laughter.  If laughter was food.
I’m up to my ears in picture frames, sundresses and old journals.  Packing is so hilariously tedious.  I came across old journal entries I’d written back in 2004 - when I’d gone off to Montana for a week, when I reminisced about my college soccer experience, my first work crush.  Oh gosh, it was heartbreaking and so sweet to read my thoughts from six years ago.  How much I have grown; how much of me remains the same.
Signing off.  Feeling good.  My psoas gave me NO TROUBLE today and I was sure to stretch the salmon filet for a long period of time today.  I think I’ll name my psoas muscle Sockeye.  Not only is it a type of salmon, but I’d also rather be socked in the eye than have it act up on me again.  Sockeye stay stretchy for me.
enjoy your day!

ps check out "sweet disposition" by The Temper Trap.  Finished my run with this one.  I love its happiness.
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