Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding the fuel.

I’m sitting on the floor of my apartment with a glass of red wine. On a hot night like tonight, I probably should’ve opted for something colder - like a nice beer or a fruity white but I have 1/3 of a bottle of 90+ malbec left and it’s not going to drink itself, or be good much longer. So here we are, helping each other out.  Earlier this evening, I spent a solid hour at a running store staring at fuel belts, aka “the mini-van of hydration systems” and just could not bring myself to purchase one.  In doing so, I felt like I could hear other runners murming as they ran past, “Seriously? Who’s the gear dweeb?”  “Oh. Marathoner coming through” ...Would I be the equivalent to the mom with the 4-car seats and the dvd player at the soccer game?  Not that I’d mind...  See?  THESE are the thoughts that kept me staring zombie-like at the wall for an hour.  Well, and I was also looking at short-shorts.  You know, the kind that are shorter than short, that basically just cover your butt, and just barely.  Maybe it’s this incredibly hot weather, or the thought of what I think my legs would look like in boy-shorts that made me step into the dressing room with seven different pairs. Florescent lighting at all the wrong angles and i had my answer.
I left with 6 gel packs and a tank.
Anyway, HI.  I’m back.  Want to catch you up on a few things:
1. i bought an iphone (womp, womp)
2. i now like hoppy beer (ish)
3. i went to boulder to visit my twin (if you know me, this is a regular thing but i just got back and continue to ride the high.  THE HIGH!!!!
4. i’m doing my first marathon
on the trail with Moo, boulder CO

I am beyond excited and really really look forward to the training.  So far, I’m in about 4wks and it’s been great.  The marathon is early September, so this Summer is going to be a complete recentering and focus-shifter for me.  Weather-wise, I’m up at the crack-a-lacka of dawn to get the miles in and to be honest I am LOVING it.  It’s a different kind of hard.  To those who know me, you know i h-a-t-e the heat. I loathe humidity.  My fingers blow up like sausages when I run and I go through about 4 emotional, mental and physical meltdowns.  This is not a joke.  I thrive in cold weather.  It’s just how I’m made.  Now that I’ve committed to an end-of-summer marathon, it’s added a new challenge; one I’m stoked to have accepted.
So anyway, I wanted to share the good news with you guys - whoever you are.  I am a runner, but I’ve always told myself that I would never run a marathon until my heart felt like it.  A few months ago the urge came, and it never let up, and a few 17-miler saturday runs have plopped me on a course of distance, strength, speed, and endurance.  I can’t wait.
Harvard Steps, every Wednesday at 6:30am, November Project
I’ll probably share some of my learnings with you. This is completely new territory for me, so if you have suggestions, or words of wisdom and encouragement - it’s gladly welcomed!  
Mostly, I just want to say that going after something bigger than me has opened up a level of confidence that I didn’t know existed.  I’m finding new ways to get Strong - mentally, physically, spiritually. Not just in long runs, but in stadium climbs, in the foods I eat and the drinks I drink, in morning devotions and in the ways I communicate with the people around me.  Love and encouragement and faith - in who i am and what I believe in.  This is what I’m finding to be powerful.  If I only I could wear THESE on a fuel belt...then I may consider buying one:)
**no but seriously: if you have any suggestions for hydration on long runs - please share your thoughts. i am in the market!