Friday, May 7, 2010

You You You

i talk about my sister all the time.  how we're twins, wombmates, bff's and life adventurers on different paths but sharing the same Miller zest that i swear swims in our veins.  I haven't really talked about my brother, Pete, who's a few years younger and the coolest bro God could ever give me.  He endured a lot of sisterliness from Mary and I growing up...especially from me.  Mary wanted to be a teacher, taught him math in our make-shift "school house" in the basement while I played with Heart Family Barbie and listened to NKOTB, while he wrote his 123s, no big deal.  My middle sister (technically) role was the School of Hard Knocks.  I kicked him in the kidney's when I was 7 because he was totally pointing his hand in front of my eyes while I was trying to watch Duck Tails and it was, like, a really cool episode.  Although it was cut short because we had to sit around and wait for him to use the bathroom to determine if I'd actually busted kidney #1 and therefore would need to mad-dash it to el hospitale.  I was the unruly one.

But he endured.  He even loved me long after I used to hide under his bed (which was made in 1801) and would push on the springs once I thought he was asleep and he would be TERRIFIED that a monster was under there.  I did that at least once a week for a year and he still never caught on.  Although he did launch himself onto his bed from the hallway, too afraid to get near the bed skirt for fear of The Monster (which was me holding my nose with tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard at the stunt I was about to pull).  Sometimes I could convince Mary to join me.  Anyway, Pete grew up and so did I and no longer was he the brother I saw fit to torture in my small little ways  - though always I loved him.  My dad used to  say, "He's going to grow taller than you, Kay.  And then you'll be in for it."  He did grow taller - much taller than me.  But at that time, we sort of each started realizing how important we were in each other’s lives.  And we became great friends.  The Three Sibs: Mary, Kay and Pete.  
Today we talk on the phone all the time.  Right now, Pete is in the throes of absolute awesome opportunities and I am so so so proud of him and this beautiful creative gift of voice God has given him.  A few years ago, Pete wanted to learn to play the guitar (I think the initial reason was so that he could carry forth the long-held tradition of musicality that runs in our extended family - mainly in the patriarchs - which is on great display during our every-other-year Miller Family Reunion held all over the country), and it stuck and he played it through college with his really good friends who are in a really successful band and he just kept practicing and playing and writing and learning and jumping out on that long skinny scary branch called "New" and rocked it out.  A few days ago, Pete Miller released his FIRST album, "Shake the Dawn".  He's written the lyrics, he created the cover, he collaborated with various musicians (some of whom have played with Rustic Overtones...totally) and bit by bit, the beast was built.  It was reviewed this week by the Portland Press Herald, a beautifully written review, complete with constructive criticism and honest praise.  He’s also having a CD release party up in Portland, ME.  If you’re interested you should come.  He won’t disappoint and I can guarantee you’ll have a blast.  
Pete, I love you, bro.  And I am SO proud to call you my brother.  Keep reaching for the stars.  Keep shaking the dawn.

ps - check out his site!

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