Sunday, November 29, 2009

sprinkle some words on it.

I like to write and sometimes my writing takes a poem's form.  It's just the way it comes out of my brain.  I don't write everyday, much to my chagrin, but when I do, it's like, "where's a napkin quick! I need a napkin!"  It just comes out and I can't give it much thought until it's on the page.  And when it's out it's like, "whew!  I knew something was in there baking..."   

It's not like I'm trying to become an accomplished poet (although when I was younger I kept a journal and dreamed of being discovered, as Anne Frank was, and having movies made about me long after I'd left this earth and also had the crazy notion to submit a few to the New Yorker.  what?  go big or go home is what I say:) ).  Anyway, I was humbled and long after my humble pie, I've decided I'd like to sprinkle a few in here every now and again.  You, know, give the blog some flavor?  Or change it up.  Whatevs.  Like most cupcakes, the whole thing tastes better when it's got something on it.  Numero Uno....

when it becomes Too Quickly
in this beautiful freedom air so stoic
is my infinitely fleeting long small
time on earth.  we stand still
ash on end and play
to the tipping tilting gravity; 
equally holding, equally letting go
a thousand steady stars flavor this space
this endless end.


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