Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Morning, Character.

Woke up, french pressed a strong cup of joe, and shook out the morning paper.  Today felt good.  I could feel it in my bones.  It's the third day in a string of days that the sun was warm and had some endurance.  November is earning brownie points.  November is getting MVP of the summer league.  November, I love you so far.  As a result of the good weather, I've been giddily taking to the road and trails for some medium runs.  Medium effort, medium length and my mind in a medium zone.  Everything just humming and buzzing.  All pistons firing with plenty of piston juice.  I refuse to let these kinds of days go to waste so I will wring them out fully until they are as spent as my bones, because I know gray winter skies are lined up like so many soldiers just waiting for their marching orders.

Anyway, there I was this fine morning relaxing with the sports section, reading up on the local high school xc runners headed to nationals and reaffirming why I hated running so much when I was 15, when the horoscope section hit me in the face (seriously almost gave me a paper-cut).  Now I RARELY ever read my horoscope (see "about me" section over there on your right) but my eyes landed on Virgo and so okay fine I read it.

"Innately, you're not a timid person, but self-doubts could make you a bit skittish and cause you to behave ineffectively in a situation where bolder measures are called for.  Get back in character."

Sure, we can pretty much take horoscopes and retrofit them into our lives so that they feel legit but regardless if Orion danced around Jupiter and decided to go bow hunting with Cancer, this was some helpful advice and a reminder to me that I AM powerful, that my ability to effect this world is limitless and that my contribution is important.  It's like running with a half-stepper.  Just because they are a half-step ahead of you, why do you feel the need to stay that half-step behind?  When it's go time, will you be able to take that time back?  Will you run with the same unbridled energy in cold gray skies?   We are called to be bold.  To perform. Why wait for go time.  Why not now?

Get back in character.


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