Friday, November 27, 2009

tell me why...

i fell today.  
i fell on a 50 minute trail run with my cousin through the woods of northampton.
we were having such good conversation that I forgot to pick up my feet.  i now have a long red cut along my shin bone.  i've deduced that when we fall as grown adults, it is largely an awkward moment for all parties involved: the victim, the friend, the forest.  earlier, i dropped my toothbrush whilst brushing my teeth.  it hit the toilet before falling in the trash can.  nobody was there to witness it, but i evil-eyed myself in the mirror until i felt thoroughly reprimanded.  before that, i missed the exit to my cousin's house and ended up tacking on an additional 65 miles.  i belted out some Christmas songs in frustration until I was finally able to turn and head back in the right direction.  for the eyes, the teeth and the left leg, i was having "one of those days".  

but for the heart, the stomach and the vocal chords, life couldn't have been better, starting with Thanksgiving with my Aunt Sally, Uncle Dave and my Awesome Twin Cousins, Molly and Ali (we call each other that because my dad is a twin with Aunt Sally and we have a special cousin bond, no big deal).  food was out of this world ridiculously good we barbecued the turkey and holy WOW the sides were heaven i can barely breath just typing (breath!).  the dessert was insane pie and more succulent pie coupled with dark chocolate Pretzel Slims sold at Trader Joe's.  we always have so much fun together and this time was no exception, because after seconds and thirds we gathered around the wood stove and Pete whipped out his guitar and we listened to his amazing voice and we sang all sorts of songs and then We. Sang. This. Song:  "Tell Me Why" by the Backstreet Boys.  

please don't ask my why this song literally made the night.  i won't have an answer. all i can say is that we sang it like we meant it, red-faced and smiling (this includes the older folks who have never heard of this song before.)  we had to shut the windows because we sang so loud.  it was amazing.  we were laughing so hard, all of us and we sang it again and we're going to sing it again for the next Miller Family Olympics.  it was the BEST.  this is why I love my family.  

so, i'd say my organs all got what they needed this holiday.  i aced the Adult Tumble so THAT'S out of my system, my magnetic north led me astray for a few million miles, my stomach feels totally blessed and food coma'd and I am the new Backstreet member they don't know about yet.

i also decidedly refrained from capitalizing most of the words in this post.  i like lower-cased things.
hugs and ohs,

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