Friday, April 23, 2010

water weight and other words

ever have a day where other people’s words express you better than any thing you might say?  i do.  i love days like this because i love line breaks and words and vowels and beats and reading the weight the letters leave between the lines.  effective use of 26 letters.
I subscribe to the New Yorker.  As soon as I see the colorful print amidst my bills, I flip through to find the two (sometimes three) poems.  i cut to the quick.  i find ones i love and i save them.  so, i love this.   this poem by David Wagoner.  
says what i can’t articulate at the moment.  that thing, downstream. 
Don’t do it, the guidebook says,
if you’re lost.  Then it goes on
to talk about something else,
taking the easy way out,
which of course is what water does
as a matter of course always
taking whatever turn
the earth has told it to
while and since it was born,
including flowing over
the edge of a waterfall
or simply disappearing 
underground for a long dark time
before it reappears
as a spring so far away
from where you thought you were
and where you think you are
it might never occur 
to you to imagine where
that could be as you go downhill.


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