Saturday, April 24, 2010

i carry your heart.

“i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear...)
ee cummings' work has a special place with the Miller girls.  Mary and I say this line to each other when we’re feeling sentimental, or whenever we miss each other, or whenever we need to be uplifted or reminded, or, well, whenever we feel like it.  Though we’re twins and therefore already blessed immensely (i mean who doesn’t want a wombmate for 9 months? Seriously.  It’s gotta be lonely all up in that placenta just kickin’ it with a heartbeat and a feeding tube), I feel like we’re doubly blessed to have come out on the other end of adolescents as best friends.  More than best friends.  She is very much half my heart.
Which is why I’m pretty flippn PUMPED about tomorrow morning, when, at 6:55am she’ll be jumping into the sweet blue waters off St. Petersburg, FL where she’ll swim 1500M, bike 40k and then rock out a solid 10k to the finish.  First race of the season, baby!  And allllll the hard work she’s put in up until this point is on the line, standing beside her in her with her.  And the best are standing with her, too.  Top dogs, title winners, work horses, iron maidens, best friends and top competitors, toeing the early morning sands together.  I wish I was there, but I’ve got my watch set for 6:45.  Ten minutes to visualize and pray for a girl who has given this sport every ounce of her All.  T-minus 7 hours, Moo.
I carry your heart.  
way too early in the morning, 2008

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