Friday, April 16, 2010

Everybody's Got Nicknames....

Five years ago i went looking for a pair of shorts that made me look “less boxy” and came away with a best friend for life, Claire “Poison” Wood.  Her, along with the rest of the posse, Mike “Big Freakin’ Poppa” Rouse, Cain “Freakin” Williams, Moby, Ryan “SOQ” Steglich and Rick “Florida” Patterson, made for the most amazing Boston Marathon experience ever.  I don’t think I went to sleep for a solid 48 hours.  I was too busy drinking Cottonwood’s margaritas and running 8-milers with perfect strangers-who-were-soon-to-be-family.  The original Posse.
All these crazies work in the running shoe biz, so this weekend is like the pinnacle of their work and they’re always suuuuper busy.  But fortunately over the years, we always make a point to get together at least ONCE during Boston Marathon Weekend.  And it’s always trouble and it’s always e-p-i-c and I love it.  
I know I’ll see a few of them plus more that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way.  Gugat, JenKelly, Colin, Ireland, Rob, Rizzo.  And I cannot WAIT for Sunday and Monday to happen already:)
Here’s to the Boston Marathon and to the friends you find - not unlike mile markers - along the way.
on your mark...get set...XO
kay "A-freakin-plus" miller

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  1. after much pressure, I feel it is important to include my SISTER, Mary "PJ" Miller (so nicknamed because she bore remarkably similar characteristics to Claire - aka Poison - and was therefore named Poison Jr).

    and cannot include PJ without including Christie "WTC" Wood - named for a certain type of contest that takes place during Spring Break. I'm not going to say whether she participated or not. I think I'd had one too many margaritas at that point so I don't quite remember?

    Anyway, I knew them before the marathon. I knew my sister in the womb, actually. We were wombmates. But here's your SHOUT OUT, PJ.