Tuesday, April 27, 2010

if george clooney was covered in tea, i still wouldn't convert.

Short blog post tonight, lads n’ lasses.  Short.  Here's the goods: 
My sister gave up COFFEE and I am devastated for her.  
No words.  No words to describe the utter flabbergastedness of this decision on her health's behalf.  In a city where food trends practically start, the girl I love gave up the 3rd most precious thing in the world* (the other two being peace and love).  All because a nutritionist gave her ph tabs which she spit on for a few days and saw they turned yellow in which case (GASP!): diagnosis:  she is acidic.
Coffee is the basic atomic structure of the Rest Of Your Day.  Coffee is like breathing in peace and love. Coffee is warm and good.  Coffee gives back.
There are worse things to give up, Moo.
I’m just saying. 
Now that I’ve posted this, I will never say “I told you so...”, when you pick up that ceramic mug again and bring the deep golden nectar back to your lips one sunny summer morning.  You'll smile, and think, "What was I thinking drinking herb water all this time?!" and I won't say a word.  I won’t.  But I hope I’m there:)

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