Wednesday, June 30, 2010

shape stirs beneath me

Poison introduced me to Frightened Rabbit in the beginning
we were riding down Beacon in Jazzy and
i thought they sounded like they had just finished 
having tubes removed from their throats, initially,
like so many bands before them
form a line
get to the back
i need to listen; let me hear you.
it takes a while, like any good thing
until you hear a song that reverbs 
off the walls
off the atoms
off the backs of those who came before
sliding out of the skin they rode in on
like snakes, molting.
the wrestle, the sea felt different, today
to me it meant more than the knashing of
teeth and that cold blue bruise inside my cheek
that i keep flicking 
with my tongue to be sure it existed, exists.
and i put it there, in the wrestle.
bare those teeth to me, please.

ex? oh.

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