Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Provi 70.3

Took place on Sunday in a city I've never been to (well, once when i was young)
Saw friends i love, family i love, met a friend i would meet at the expo, drive with to Narragansett and force to practice cherry stem tying - a Miller favorite - sorry Graham!  it's highly addictive though isn't it?  We hung out with Brian McG and his sib - coolest beach house host north of the Mason Dixon, and i got some quality time with my twin sister.  The girl who would race on Sunday.  The girl I would drive to the start with my cool brother beside me at 4:30am.  The girl who would go on to place 13th female overall.

The pictures speak volumes, so please check out my flickr page (to the right. yeah, over there) when you have some time.

p.s. brian?  i did not leave a water cup ring stain on the bunk.  and i did not sing Disney songs at any moment in the house (this time).


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