Sunday, January 3, 2010


I think I join a strong contingency of people who don’t believe that New Year’s is the one time to make your resolutions.  However, I do agree that it’s a perfectly good time to think about what you want from the New Year.  It’s a fresh place to start, a blank canvas, a sheet spread wide and wrinkle-free for you to do with what you will.  Being purposeful can help set borders. Having a vision of what you want to exact out of yourself, out of this life, gives us the fortitude that helps protect us from the effects of life’s inevitable tides and currents.  But such goals don’t require they be set on Day 1.

In the past, my attitude has been one of, “Come what may,” and “Grant me the ability to take on every challenge with grace...”  The kind of whole-hearted embrace you might give your distant relative before you begin experiencing his awkwardness. This yearly mantra is now becoming a good habit but I want more out of this year.  I want its success so badly that I’ve been cautious about committing myself to a greater vision because I have not been sure what shape it would take.  Until today.

A friend of mine shared this with me today and I love it.  I have a great faith in God so the below is rooted in this relationship for me but I challenge you to take this on in whatever capacity you choose. 

It’s that simple. I look back and see how fast 2009 has flown by and did I really make every second count?  How blessed I am to have another year on this earth and to have an opportunity to make the most of it and to share what I can with others. Whatever the role I have in someone’s life, be it big or small, I am thankful to be a part.  Living on Purpose in what way?
  • LISTEN MORE:  I mean really listen.  Hear what others have to say.  Not just people that matter in your life, but total strangers, neighbors, your awkward relative.  This applies to the below verbs, too:)
  • LOOK MORE:  I pray that my eyes are opened to the needs of others, that I do not become so fully absorbed in my own world that I overlook everyone else.  It’s so easy to be selfish.  There rarely is a direct route into people’s lives, into circumstances we are called to go.  Sometimes we’ve got to be unconventional in our thinking.  Get to know people for WHO they really are, and you’ll know their need.
  • LOVE MORE:  Love yourself, love others.  Put love first.  This is not an easy one at all for me.  Trials can last so long and love takes a million forms.  To love, whatever the length of time and however hard it is means to step out on faith.

Everyday I want to live this out.  I challenge you to live on purpose.  Not just live, but LIVE.  2010 isn't just a number anymore; it's an incredible gift.  Happy New Year to you:)


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