Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't fight it if you don't know what it is.

At lunch today it was announced by a very large woman wearing coke-bottle glasses and a floor length fur coat that I was extremely rude.  She said it not once, but a few times as I put my utensils in the bin and my trash in the trash.  I felt heat rush to my face.  What had I done?  

I had offered my seat to a friend and her daughter-in-law who’d seen me and swung by my table to say hello just as I was finishing up my salad.  After catching up for a few minutes I said my goodbyes, gave them my table, and was happy to have caught up with Betty (who’s 86 and every ounce of awesome that you can imagine).  I thought I was being nice.  I had no idea there was a line of one just drooling for my table.  

That was extremely rude...”  

I am not so good at confrontation.  It’s really hard for me because a million thoughts rush through my head as I try to understand what’s going on and I am rarely eloquent or composed in response.  Especially when blindsided over something I didn’t know I did...or, more importantly, is NOT a big deal in the scheme of things.  I mean it’s a SEAT lady:)  But weirdly it sort of stuck with me these last few hours.  Why was she so adamant about making me feel terrible?  So that I go and pull Betty out of her seat and tell her that fur-ball was waiting first?  C’mon.

If I’d had the presence of mind I would have smiled kindly at Coke-Bottle Glasses Woman and said, “I should hope that a friend’s kindness will be of service to you one day.” and been on my way.  Instead I just pretended she wasn’t talking to me and walked out the door, head held high in my valiant attempt to make me feel better. I KNOW it's no big deal I KNOW everybody has their bone to pick with the world but I hate it when I am included in that Bone.  Which is why I stopped thinking about it soon as played this song (well, after wrote this blog:)).  Just don't fight it... Worrrrrd:)   

A good song by The Panics.  When doesn't a trumpet signal good things?! 

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