Thursday, January 28, 2010

The world is stretchy!

I'm a bit nervous.  i can’t lie.  I never was a very good liar, which made it hard to pretend to like things, especially when I got comfortable around the people who worked on the things I didn’t particularly like.  but I liked them, so I would concentrate on that.

anyway. concerning the nerves.  have you ever tried something that is just out of your element?  just barely out.  like you can almost be comfortable but nope, not this time.  that’s me today because tomorrow I’m going on a bit of a journey and I’m not sure what to expect.  at all.  not even a little.  this journey is taking me just south of Boston where, for 42 hours in a 3.5 day period I will have unadulterated access to the mind of Kay Miller.  I think that’s what scares me most.  I’m sort of joking, but I’m mostly serious and I’m definitely not lying.

this seminar is called the Landmark Forum.  so far I’ve had a terrible go at describing it and when i attempt to share the “Reader’s Digest” version, people stare at me like I’m a nut-job and well maybe that’s true but I’m a nut-job for way cooler reasons.  so if you’re curious about the seminar, you can just check it out here.

anyway, I'm writing this blog partly because it gives my hands something to do which gives my brain a chance to unthink which allows my heart to sit down for a hot minute but mostly because five of you (now six, hi Alexis) get me or are in the process of getting me, which gets me to my next point which i am starting to see in 3-D:  being uncomfortable is a all part of the process.  it’s the groin stretch at the gym, uncomfortable (for you and sometimes for those watching) but necessary.  you tighten up in the groin and your toast.  The talent, the abilities, the thoughts and ideas that we have are the embodiment of who we are and if we don’t STRETCH them, we can’t grow, we can’t get stronger.  Groin muscles, man.  You’ve got to keep those puppies primed or they will destroy your ability to get to the next level.

as i write this I keep looking back and rereading, trying to take my own advice!  I’m going in with the idea that I will take only what I need and will leave the rest.  this will be interesting and I’m sure I’ll come back with at least one story,  please keep me in your prayers for the next few days!  I am inspired, anxious, excited and uneasy at the prospect of sitting and listening and learning for long periods of time (we aren’t allowed to take notes?  i kind of like that idea already but I have a doodling addiction so this could be tough).   Going dark for a few days.  Try your best not to miss me...


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  1. you tube "ben lee, kids". best lyric... control yourself, take only what you need from it. you will be AWESOME... because you'll be stretching, and you are the soul who stretches further than most kay miller, like that toy stretch armstrong, but in human form.... xoxox.