Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Big Smile...

Friends. I'm excited.  Not just because of this day or the illimitable potential of today.  But I'm excited for tomorrow.  And the next day.  Tomorrow I'll head into Boston to get dolled up and get my dance on.  What a great way to end a busy week!  First, to L'Espalier for a networking soiree and then off to Friendly Fires where I (finally) get to kick off the heels, throw on the converse and bring good energy!  Never got to see Cut Copy when they came in the spring but these fellas sound like a brit version them.  I hear they'll be in London next week for an all-nighter and I so wish I had money to burn on a flight.  Ah, well.  I ride wish-horses.

This entry has really nothing to do with my growth, my sanity, or my lack of either.  I'm just excited to be with friends.  Just gathering together, having a toast and laughing at some random miscellany that's bound to happen....

It's gonna be just great!

(found this and thought i'd put it to good use...) xokay

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