Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I passed a truck on my way around the Giant Loop this deceptively brisk afternoon and on the window was the sticker, "Smile, it's Today!"

It IS today and today my family celebrates many things.  The birth of Jesus, the blessings we've received over the last year, our family near and far, friendships and our love and gratefulness for all these things.  This Christmas was special in that it took place at our house with the core family.  With only 5 of us, it was still a whirlwind of delish food and wrapped gifts and "flourishing!" and lights and we're brewing coffee and drinking it like it's kool-aid as we annihilate Mary's now-famous-gluten-free pancakes and then head out for a long run and holy COW it's freezing and now we're taking turns in the shower and WHERE IS THE HOT WATER and let's go work on the most demanding 2,000 piece puzzle we have ever seen and when the h-bomb are we Skyping with the cousins?!?  

Ah, a Miller Family Christmas:)

So now I am happy to be right where I am right at this moment: by the fire, with my siblings watching Elf (Will Ferrell, enough said), chilling with a big glass of wine, an even bigger glass of water and a whole belly full of food in my new sweatpants that were unwrapped with glee this morning because my mom knew that I-loved-but-needed-to-part-with my verrrrrry hole-y men's sweatpants, men's size XL (I often make sacrifices in this department in order to get pants that hit past my ankles.  I'm every inch of 5'10") and so now these great big fleece ones will be mine and I love them but not as much as I love the thought behind them.    

It's today.  And I hope you each had a very Merry Christmas as perfectly imperfect as it is and as imperfectly perfect as we are:)  

Here's an excerpt from the Mad Libs I got in my stocking.  The words my bro came up with are in CAPS.  I also leave you with a pic of the light organization taking place in the northeast wing of the Miller Home.  It's a big deal.

"Good vacations are worth their weight in BANANAS.  A SLICK summer vacation for you and your SNOWY family is to visit the Rocky CROWNS in Colorado.  The first time you see these PURPLE-Y mountains, your WANKER will thump ANGRILY..."


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