Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Year! 
I was over Claire’s house the other night vegging out (you’ve heard me gab about her before).  Actually, we were watching a really enlightening show about women vying for a man’s attention with the hopes of getting married...and though we were already swimming in the deep end of the educational pool, she casually mentioned that my last blog post was back in November.  I jumped out my hypnotized reality tv state and shook off the dark chocolate on my lap.  my long lapse of non-writing is not cool.
and i’m sorry about my un-coolness.
you know the funny thing? I started this blog mostly because i write better than i speak and in 2009 i had a lot to say.  i uprooted my life. I was unsteady but steady (you know that kind: you’ve done the right thing for your life but turn to face an entire horizon line that’s completely new and scary and stuff....), I was learning new things, running a lot, liked a dude, and felt like it was the only way to get all these “mind pop rocks” sorted.  With most of my friends living an hour away, and me all hibernating in the great state of Maine (wearing coon hats, eating snow, etc), twelveohsix was my connection.  To me? yeah.  To you? for sure.  even if the “You” was some great Internet Oz with spiky hair living in a basement and scanning old people’s credit cards.  I was talking to him, too.
but now i’m talking to me.  look at me.  heads together.  I WILL START WRITING AGAIN.
aren’t you exxxxcited?? yah.  me too.
Here’s a picture of a sunrise that symbolizes a new day for kay to write more and often.
Yay 2012!


  1. duh like, THE most educational show ever....

    don't forget - 2 hugs. and a hat, a horse and a grandma.