Wednesday, November 16, 2011


as is often the case
the song you tossed aside
is the same one that
bites your arm 
breaks your flesh 
bruises bone 
cutting to the quick 
against a skin you didn't need
one you didn't think 
you owned


this has happened to me so many times. i toggle through albums and come away with my top favorites paying little attention to the others...usually only stumbling across the gem-of-a-hidden-song only after i've had my shuffle on shuffle or something.  i love it when that happens.  when a song you didn't think you liked is suddenly filled with so much meaning; as if it were exactly made for you.  this is, in part, why music never dies.  not ever.  this particular song struck me in the face on my walk to work early this morning.  like a bird to the face.  i'm so glad.

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