Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Maker

happy morning!  what a great day today is shaping up to be.  I met Claire for an early morning long run and we decided to forgo the windy river (change up!) and hit Jamaica Pond - our route being the "Emerald Necklace" as it is so called.  It is quite lovely; a bunch of skinny swatches of greenery/scenery that snake through the city, ending at Jamaica Pond - a Pond about a mile in circumference.  it's a great break from the river - which can be harsh and unforgiving - especially on windy days.  

Claire's one of my absolute favorite humans to run with.  No matter what the pace, it just feels so....effortless...but not in the "i'm not working hard" kind of way.  More like there's no guess work or trying to be anything we're not on a particular day.  If we're feeling slow, we say it.  If our bum + hamstrings are tight from last night's yoga practice, that comes up in the first 2 minutes.  If we need to keep a certain pace and we're nervous about it, we say so.  we're very honest running partners.  We accept each other's pace, encourage one another, recognize the need for easy, comfortable runs but also challenge each other/ourselves when we need to - almost without having to say anything at all.  On most days, no matter what, we inevitably settle into a pace just under 8s and conversation comes and goes, as does the laughter and recognition that YES the two runner guys who just dove-tailed onto the same path were talking about "bandwidth" while we talked about "love"and isn't that life. Figures, right?  She's the best.  Or when we ran on that really-freakin-freezing-morning in -3 degree temps and barely said two words but were EXACTLY what the other needed in order to make it through the run.  My butt cheeks were ice cubes, but my heart was happy and my legs appreciated the adventure (albeit it it WAS too cold to run).  It's so great to be able to not only be blessed with an awesome friendship but to be able to lace up the shoes and share a run together.   No matter what else the day brings - covering a distance with her before the city wakes up will always be a favorite moment in my day.  Thanks, Pois.  


p.s. i flippn LOVE this band and hope they make an appearance in boston soon (thanks, greg, for bringing them to my attention and for taj who reinforced their awesomeness). a great post-run listen while making coffee and stretching...enjoy!


  1. Thank you,

    This blog, when it has been alive, has brought more peace and calmness into my life than you could ever imagine. I'm happy to have it back.

  2. ohgoshohgoshohgosh.
    i loved reading this. and agree with every word, so beautifully said. step by step dear friend. to footsteps on surfaces many years to come! xo