Friday, November 4, 2011

Lazy Days

this week's been a lazy-kay week.  you know those days where hitting the alarm 4x before getting up makes complete sense?  where rolling over and grabbing the coffee pot instead of the running shoes or pulling the sheets over the head instead of a running jacket feels right?  that was my week.  i mean, it's that time of year when mornings are cold, it's still dark at 6am and the bed is a cozy place in the wee hours of dawn.  even though you really never go back to bed.  even though a few hours later you wish you'd just sucked it up and gone to the river for an hour.  even though.

and the rest of my week follows suit: baked goods are brought into the office by the spouses/significant others of coworkers - warm banana breads, coffee cakes, or piles of leftover halloween candy.  and i munch on it all.  i mean, it's been a lazy week, and i don't have plans to un-lazy the sucker now that i've started.  i didn't set out to make this week that way, but once it started, snowballed, i figured i'd own it and chalk it up to Fall Hallows.  

The Laze (as i'm now calling it) has permeated my apartment living: i have no food in the fridge - more specifically, no fresh fruit or veggies. I've been eating out or eating hummus and chips for dinner.  very healthy.  my running clothes have piled up on the chair that i've unofficially made the keeper of all the apparel that finds itself out of it's respective drawer, closet, shelf.  i need to vacuum, i need to do laundry, i need that toilet bowl cleaner thing and i need to clean my windows.

The Laze.  felt so good for a few days but now i feel like a slob:)  so it's changing this weekend and i'm excited about it.  the clocks are resetting, the mornings will brighten, and i'm reclaiming my active self (and my apartment!) again.  I miss the sweet exhilaration and spent happiness of a long run and the steamy sweat fog that lifts off the shoulders once it's all over.  

this video inspired me this morning and i'm so glad to know that all it takes to reset the self is stepping outside, and hitting the trail.


Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

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