Thursday, October 20, 2011

rando commando

i’m eating yogurt covered raisins, watching episode #1 of Masterpiece Theater’s Little Dorritt and just 33 minutes into it have had complete attention deficit disorder of the non-prescription kind.  so i thought i’d take a hot few seconds to pull a couple rando thoughts off the conveyor belt of my brain and overshare with you:
i have half a running outfit on.

i bought a brand new bottle of olive oil but the screw cap won’t unscrew and, upon close inspection, the perforation of the safety seal never indented far enough so there’s no way it will come off.  I banged it on the floor.  i tried both lefty and righty twists and i thought about asking my neighbor, James, to have a go except I haven’t my sports bra on and I don’t feel like putting it on to go out there to ask him for help. so, i’ll have to bring it back to trader joe’s and i’m a bit annoyed about that.
every time the wind blows it sounds like a fly is in my apartment and i have no idea what’s making that noise except that it seems to be coming out of the vents of my AC (which is not plugged in which reminds me that I need to take it out of the window sill)  which reminds me that it takes two people to pull the AC it out because I have 2x4s jammed up inside the windows so that a burglar can’t readily push the unit into my apartment and have his way about my household.
i have a small apartment
everything he’d want won’t amount to much.
i’ve checked facebook twice in three minutes.  i accepted a friend request that i wish i had left in purgatory a bit longer (forever) and every time i get the gumption to unfriend i realize how pathetic the whole facebook thing really is.
my blinds are turned up so the people on the street can’t see into my apartment and watch my every move.  there are people out there who do that, you know.  I do it when I’m walking down marlborough.  it’s fun.  I once looked up into an apartment and there was an old man making dinner completely naked.  he had his blinds facing the wrong way so it wasn’t really my fault.  I also didn’t feel grossed out because the kitchen counter was blocking my view.  but i knew he was naked because when he turned the corner and went to the oven...
BUT now i realize that with my blinds turned up every floor on the opposite side of the street can look down and see right into my livingroom/bedroom/kitchen.  This makes me laugh and i like to think if I lived over there, watching me would be the highlight of my day.  once i get dancing there really is no stopping this machine.
i really like my apartment.  i never get tired of looking at it when i’m in it.  
i really like how i can go outside and run run run and then stretch at the fire hydrant that sits outside and also sit out on the wrought iron chairs in the garden.  there’s a sinkhole out there, though.  a few weeks ago when it was still warm and still light after 7pm, my friend kim and i were having some wine out there and the back legs of her chair sank so fast into that ground that she went right over backwards into the bushes!  she managed to keep her wine glass level all the while.  atta’ girl.
i need to take a shower.  I smell like running clothes which means i need to do laundry. 
i need to put the yogurt raisins back in the freezer, get my coffee mug ready for the morning and set my alarm. 
a 7am around the river is in order.  
now back to Little Dorritt....

x's + oh's,

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