Thursday, September 23, 2010

I like her attitude

I came across this little blip after reading Scott Dunlap's blog (part of my morning ritual), and then of course I did some digging on who this girl was and could I ever beat her at anything (probably, but not at running.  the chick ran a 1:15 14-miler.  No big deal).  

Anyway, Lauren Fleshman rocked this year's 2010 XTERRA Trail Run Nt'l Championships.  Lauren apparently has fast legs AND an incredibly refreshing outlook on life as an athlete.  It's a great clip, and I especially love what she says starting at 0:33 mark. Very insightful.  Made me stop and think about my own life -which is wildly different than hers, but you know what?  Not so much.  Regardless of WHO you are or WHAT you've accomplished thus far,  it's hard enough to take a step back and find value in the hardest areas of life, to know that down the line what we learned then about who we are has made us stronger today.  It's all incredibly valuable, and it's innocent interviews like this that make me feel good.

I won't give any more away.  Enjoy!


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