Saturday, September 11, 2010

I faithfully remain

i didn’t need a reminder that life was good.  and to be honest, when I woke up this morning and spent a solid hour reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” with a french pressed coffee and a solid breakfast on my lap, I was completely convinced in my bones that life was, in fact, good.
but there was this concert, see.  In Canton, MA, which is only 18 miles from Boston.  And this concert existed only this weekend and would take place on a farm at the base of the Blue Hills.  Some friends had already bought tickets and really wanted me to go.  I wanted to go.  But I also really wanted to stay in the city and get some stuff done before the work week and before I leave to visit my sis in Boulder.  At 11am the phone rang.
“Kay, what are you doing.” (it wasn’t a question)
“Sam, I’m still not sure.  Are you going?”
“Yes, Em and I are buying tickets now.  You want in?  How ‘bout if I buy yours and you buy me beer all night?”
“Still not sure, Sammer.  Let me hit my run and I’ll think about it.  You buy your tickets.”
“Kay, this is a total deal.  What if I don’t drink $50 worth of beer?  Then you made out like a bandit.”
“Okay, let me think about it...”
And so I thought about it.  And about 40 minutes into my run, with the weather this nice and the everyone out and enjoying life....I realized I’d be stupid not to go.  So I purchase and an hour later I was picked up by Sam and Emily.  
I’m not really one for festivals.  Actually, I don’t mind festivals but I really hate large crowds.  I’d rather a small, intimate show than anything big.  I love the outdoors, but generally speaking, it plays to a larger audience and more often than not the acoustics stink.  But today was pretty flippn great.  The Life is Good festival took place at Prowse Farm, and was really well run.  In fact, I reckon it was the best organized festival I’ve been to (and I heard many people reinforcing this statement throughout the night)  The sun rolled slowly down the sky to the tunes of Dr. Dog, Ziggy Marley, Ozomatli, Grace Potter, and finally, Ben Harper....
There were tiny people carved out up in the cliffs of the blue hills, enjoying a free show as the pink clouds set into deep blues and the giant orange orbs lit up the fields.
The people, the crowd, the energy all were amazing too.  So much fun.  Happiness was everywhere.  None of this, “you’re standing on my blanket!” “I can’t see over your head!”, “Move! Stop talking!” etc....All good things.  
I smell like hash, my feet are dirty and my blanket has a million beer stains from random strangers.  But tonight was beautiful and it was shared in the company of friends and perfect strangers.   And we were smiling, and we were singing and we were content. 
And I am reminded as I head for the showers that it's easy to not change, to accept doing the same old, same old because it's comfortable.  I am convinced that if I had stayed in Boston and done all the things I was going to do, I would still be content at the end of the day.  Nothing would change and that's not a bad thing.  But I did something different.  And it felt good, despite my desire to be lazy all day :)  And I'm sure some days I will need to be that Lazy thing.  But today I stood up and I went somewhere and I was part of a larger and beautiful picture.  

Today was solid and awesome and I am exhausted and my voice is gone but I feel great. And I am reminded that despite all the chaos swirling about us...Life, my friends, is good. And sometimes it takes changing up routine to believe it all over again.


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  1. simple. i like your post. life IS good. and the people and experiences IN life remind you how good it is!! love you!