Thursday, August 5, 2010

and i want and i want and i want it

i am playing with my blog template, as you can see.  this image is of a chandelier in a place called Saxy's in boulder.  cool vibe.  loves it.  anyway, it'll be gone tomorrow (likely).  i'm just in a mood and it makes me experiment, fortunately, on dork things like blogs and my photogs and not with drugs or knives or jalapeno peppers or anything.  i've always had a little nerd in me.
rereading the above sentences made me realize that this post is really, inevitably, not going to amount to much.  that's cool.  it's not a noble post.  it's pretty UsWeekly by way of fluff.  so i've got a few more blips to share before i kick this sucker out to the internets.
a couple of hours ago, i was attending an immersion research study and the mediator says, "Human Beings are a good idea."  i know he was making reference to something specific, but hot dang!  i loved that he said that!  I perked right up.  Yes, yes, we ARE a good idea.  I'm glad we were made.
and i'm glad music was and continues to be made, too.  and that people who aren't anything like me know how to sing and put on a show.  like the other day, when i went to see Arcade Fire at the BOAP and they were SO DEEPLY LEGIT that even the mitochondria in my cells were hi-fiving each other.  i don't even know how that can happen, but I'm pretty sure it can. it was so good and full of energy.
speaking of music, i'm also loving the temper trap.  and seeing as how i've bought my ticket for their late Sept show, i can't be one to not listen to them over and over.  i even threw their set on during my awful set of 1-minuters on the Esplanade yesterday* and still felt ambitious and pumped up enough to pick up the pace on the cool down back to my apt, whereby i followed a very fast-looking runner - who was in serious need of a burrito - back to marly-b.  i think we share my street.
one song that can't get off the playlist is called Fools.  "Sometimes we build things to fall..."  hello, awesome line.  good first album.  but i love the video to "Love Lost" so here goes it.  and now i'm exhausted and not making sense.  hitting the pillow in a big old city.  enjoy your night.
*don't ever try to do your sprint session when those canadian geese are pooping, eating and fighting each other directly in / on / around your sprint path.  it won't work.  they will win.

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