Monday, August 16, 2010

all that we let in

Just a huge “YEAHGIRL!!” to Fee, who raced the Falmouth Road Race this weekend and did so well:)  I met Fee a few years (two years?) back when I was out visiting my twin in The Boulder.  She’s a truly fabulous human with whom I had the pleasure of sharing my city with on a Sunday night...where Cheesecake Factory mishaps, giant scoops of ice cream and a rainy early morning river run were in order. 
It’s inspiring to listen to her talk about how hard she works at her sport, how much she loves it and how willing she is to make the sacrifices necessary to be Amazing.  It’s in her bones.   So flippn cool is she that I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to watch her s o a r this season.   I like to think I create very cool nicknames for people (hers is “Feeeeeeeeenominal!”) and I think I’m, like, totally accurate:)
Short blip this evening.
Oh, and i pick up my twin from the airport in about 30 minutes.  This week is the bee’s knees.  No big deal. 
More to come....

yes to friends and life! to hoodies and blondes!

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