Friday, March 12, 2010

cedar road loop

saw a tree in a field by the road on a run when the sun went down
with the sun sitting low in the sky it was i and my shadow, my shoulders, no sound
and my shadow ran out of the pavement and out of the tar - or into it (shadows are mysterious like that) but not very far.  we were connected, you see, so that tree
that tree that i saw in a field on my run wasn’t was two
it was two but they grew so close so close that i knew
it was proximity or, scientifically speaking, it may have been grafted
shaped to weather the storm together shaped to take each other on from the beginning 
though neither was winning or both have won, both wrap and twirl around the other’s bark and in the sun and as i run i get to thinking, isn’t it funny the way it grows and how we know the way it goes and how we grew?  it’s true, and it’s clever, this lesson i learned that day (for i was carrying the weight of my world, unfurled and hurled into the sky.  it was just i. which wasn’t enough but I’d try) i’d pray
then i saw a tree in a field on that run when the sun it shone. i drew close and i saw it was two always two never one and i knew and i know i am never alone.

xo and ©

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