Thursday, March 18, 2010

By the dawn's early light.

My sister is coming home TODAY!!  Not here home.  Not Maine.  She's coming back to the red, white and blue.  The stars and stripes.  Her USofA...(or u sofa I just made that up but it's not very clever, is it?).  
And though she won’t be in my time zone she will be HERE.  And here is a lovely, lovely place to be.  I am blasted with happiness!
I just spoke with her a few hours ago as she boarded her flight from Melbourne to LA.  Oof, long flight but she will be back in Boulder tomorrow night.  Yeahhhhh!  No more “Kay, I’m 9 hours behind you but the next day....”  None of this, “Kay, you’re confused.  Tazzy is 13 hours ahead of you which means it’s 2am here....”  In 24 hours, she’ll be a few hours behind me (weird).  But I love it.  I love her.  I am so blessed.  
Now I just need to find a cheap ticket out to visit.
Welcome home, Mooser.

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  1. thank you my sister. my best friend. i love you words and your YOU shining through every post. CAN'T WAIT to see you ... here in boulder? CAn we arrange a Kay Miller visit or what?!