Wednesday, January 12, 2011


nothing gold can stay, but for today, today. 
an early morning romp on the streets proved good for every fiber of my being. my camera liked it, too.  after a cup of joe and a few emails, me and my nikon took the streets.  here are some from my neighborhood. enjoy + brrr.

this intersection of mine

what i think when i think about boston

stop, light, stop, light

snow bench

my ladies on the avenue.  i come to them when i need their silent/sage advice

i run by her almost every day and i like to think she's got something she'd like to tell me.

the matron lady

little details like snow on bark

my turn.

 bronzed + cold on comm ave.

walk walk walk walk walk as white as snow

Up through sky + it's a maze (ing)

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  1. oh my gosh what BRILLIANT shots!!!! i love them!!! you are such a photog!!