Monday, December 20, 2010

silent night

walking home this evening from a friend's birthday dinner and I - despite not being able to feel my toes due to thin socks and frye boots - felt like walking forever.  tonight is the first snowfall in boston!  it is absolutely beautiful outside.  i think i'll sleep with my shades tilted up towards the snowy heavens.  

silent night, holy night
all is calm all is bright

when i sing this part of the Silent Night, I get that kid feeling all over again.  I'm giddy and happy and peaceful.  And I am so excited to be home for the holidays.  it's a small winter wonderland this evening.  and there will be many more more snowfalls (and much larger ones) to come.  but this is the first.  and the first snow is always special.

i just had to share.

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