Sunday, December 19, 2010

(i'll) sleep tonight.

thursday evening i sat behind the driver’s seat somewhere on storrow drive, stuck in traffic at 11pm*.  I was trying to get to the airport to pick up my twin, who’d just flown in from Boulder for Christmas...and i was going to be very late.  i hate being late.  i think about what it’s like to arrive somewhere and how, climbing off a bus or out of an airport gate and seeing a familiar face smiling or jumping around excitedly makes you feel and it’s an awesome feeling.  i  knew tonight mary would be sitting on her bag by the automatic doors at southwest, looking out the window for me and the pressure mounted.  ugh, why can’t this car fly?  as i scanned the radio stations wishing i had my self-titled,  “i eat i ate i oat” mixed CD with kickbutt tunes I speed-dialed Pois for an alt route.  no dice.  I must wait through traffic.  by midnight, Moxy Mini swung into Terminal E where Miller Kay and Miller Mary joyously reunited, all frustration tossed into the New England winter winds.  ALAS!!!  My Twin!!
*to everyone who plans on night driving around the highways and biways of boston the next few days: beware the construction on the Science Museum Bridge and in the tunnel!  you’ll sit for 47 minutes as I did.  be sure to have good music.
This whole week was filled to the brim with events - between holiday parties and meeting friends out for a bite and prepping for mary miller, I was never in bed before 1am on any given night.  It was great but felt like a giant food + drink marathon!  I love the holiday season, but I also find that it means compromising a bit in order to stay healthy or do the things you love.  I, however, did nothing of the sort.  I ran once on Monday and then sailor-dived into the rest of the week knowing it would be late, and I wasn’t going to suffer through winter winds or gym crowds for the rest of the week.  Nope.  So I owned that and worked it :)
The weekend started off with a bang: Friday night we celebrated our dear friend Claire’s birthday.  The three of us had dinner at a nice italian restaurant in Beacon Hill, caught up on life and then met up with a larger group of really great humans at Towne.  It was fun to see all the people who came out to celebrate with Claire:  friends from New Balance, Saucony, from the Marathon expo circa 2005, and friends met through friends who were now good friends, etc.  The next few hours were drinks and the entire desert menu and laughter.  At the end of the night a small handful remained, one got a picture with a very drunk Bronson Arroyo, and then we each took cabs to our respective burrows.  Another late night, but very very very worth it.  I love that girl and I love her friends.  Happy Birthday, Pois!!
Next was Saturday.  Mary and I laid around for a very long time, catching up on Boulder and work and training.   Finally, at 1pm, we went out for a nice 90min run around the river.  She’s got a Garmin heart rate monitor and, according to her training schedule, needed to be sure she stayed under 150 heart rate.   It was clear she’d need to lead because I have no idea how to keep a run easy without constant reminders to myself, which I rarely can remember to do.  I was amazed at how consistent we were in our pace.  Then it was off to Christmas shop, eat stuff, more shopping and general absorption of the holiday season.  Couples and families, wrapped warmly from head to toe walking around with giant holiday bags under twinkling city lights.  Saxaphones being played on the street by the CVS, Bing Crosby being played from a window on Newbury Street.  I love the Christmas.
Today it was church service at Reunion (i am loving up on this church so much.  what wonderful cool humans), brunch with more good friends, and then dark rich beautiful coffee on my bed whilst Mary packed for home.  It’s 5:38pm and she’s on a bus to Portsmouth, where mom and dad will greet her and my bro, Pete will have driven down from Portland to surprise her (she doesn’t know it yet).  I love that girl so much and am looking forward to joining them at the end of the week.  Until then, it’s holiday party detox, maybe some tea and lots of sleep (who am I kidding.  bring on the hot chocolate! the wine! the figgy pudding!)...

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