Thursday, October 7, 2010

old friends

i love looking through iPhoto and remembering.  I remember when all of these happened.  I mostly remember not breathing when I took these shots.  all of them -  probably 20 bad ones for every good - that's a long time not breathing.  once, i drooled because i forgot to swallow.  i love getting up close to flowers.  i think they are a universe.  

which reminds me that i need to hold my camera in my hands again.  it's been too long and i miss the way it feels.  i miss the slobber and the goodness that came from the frame.
get into my eye, world.  get into it.

fragile beauty in the petal lines and edges.  that's what drew me to this flower that was coming to its end.

"i wish to be outside. oh, that i weren't dried." - i think that's what it's thinking.

these were sitting out for days before i landed in them with my camera.  and then i couldn't stop!  i have a million lily shots....and had pollen all over my face to prove it:)
gatorade for flowers.  not invented yet.

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