Friday, February 19, 2010

To You, With Love.

I intended to write a blog about love on Valentine’s Day.  Now it’s February 19th and all the lacy paper hearts and long cursive letters are browning on the shelf.  It’s okay.  Apart from 3rd grade and sending anonymous perforated Bugs Bunny cards along with candy hearts to your entire class, your teacher and your gym teacher, Valentine’s Day is very overrated.  Love is everyday and it’s not always roses, but we all know that.  
So the love blog is here and I am STOKED.  But it’s not about love in the traditional sense.  I want to know what people I love are loving. I have so many wonderful and inspiring friends who everyday get up and rock the world, and I thought it would be nice to celebrate who they are and what they are lovin’ up on at the moment, and I wanted to focus on one thing:  Music.  Music has the unique ability to extract emotion, drive us on, slow us down, calm us, excite us, unnerve us, reinstate us.  And one person’s motivation might make another want to bury his/her head in the sand (this I have learned firsthand when a friend gave me four CD’s of his “all-time favorite running music”.  It was all trance/house.  After 2 minutes I was so over it).  
I solicited a few friends to share with me what particular song or album they are digging and why they love it so much.  It’s been cool to see the varying perspective as well as scoring some new songs or being reminded of old ones that I’ve now listened to again, knowing someone in my life is being inspired by it at the moment.  
If you have some you want to share!  Throw them my way and I’ll post!  I love new music.
Here they are for you, in their words. Enjoy:)

Songs We Love:
I like this song because of the different beats.  At the moment, I'm doing some long training sessions and whenever this song comes on- I can zone out and just get after it.  It takes me away from thinking about my body being tired or the session being "painful"- the beat, the instruments, the lyrics- it's a cool mix.

~Mary “Moo” Miller, twin sister, best friend, amazing human and amazing athlete.  She’s currently in Oz getting ready for the 2010 season and everyday it’s blood and sweat and smiles.  This girl gives everything she’s got to her family, friends and career.  I love getting in her head to see what she’s got on her shuffle.  Her workouts are usually hard and/or long, so whatever is motivating her would definitely motivate me.  We’re womb-mates, afterall:)
Why? Because the sound, the lyrics and the energy of this tune is one i LOVE running to.  It’s not particularly the most glamourous love song, in fact, it's not happy. but it happens. i love the line, "always in the twilight, in the shadow of your heart."
Yes... this might be unexpected coming from me. my radio is on 88.9 everyday as i drive to and from lawrence. Pink is pop, mainstream, but Pink totally won me over with her grammy performance. I then downloaded Glitter and love the ballad, the honesty and also just the sound of this tune.
i was intro'd to FR this time last year, obsessed with this song this time last year, but have recently added it to my shuffle playlist and remembered why i love it so much.
* i guess these songs are all honest, a little unglamourous about love...
~Claire “Poison” Wood, is truly one of my best friends.  She has the most amazing perspective on life, is so full of positive energy and never, never gives up on anything and everything she touches is better for it.  Which makes her a rather coveted human being both in friendships and in her work life. And since she works in bringing to market the worlds hottest running shoes, this girl takes her inspirations seriously. And so do I.
Whenever this song comes up on my iPod- I find myself with my hands off my handlebars dancing, nodding my head, and pushing harder.  It's upbeat.  It's awesome.
~Joe “The Gambles” Gambles is a triathlete extraordinaire, a genuine Tasmanian Devil with a heart of gold and, most importantly, Mary’s BF.  seriously though, JoeGambs is a fantastic person to sit with over a good cup of coffee and discuss music.  It should also be noted that he is a M-A-C-H-I-N-E on the bike so the fact that this song makes him push harder on the bike makes me want to push Play on this song, like, asap.
After playing the first six tracks (of 12) on the album continuously I saw Gregory live. His music absolutely, ABSOLUTELY, blew me away. So much so that I bought the record again...but on vinyl. Only then did I fully come to grasp on the sheer brilliance of this album. The first are filled with a fantastic drive and stunning harmonies sung by Brandi Carlisle. The remaining six exist on their flipping sides of a record, as they should. They are brilliant and Isakov further s the album...the lap steel on 'Idaho' is well-timed and so tasty, the percussion and cello work on 'This Empty Northern Hemisphere' gives me chills at their entrance, and the words on 'Words' showcase Isakov as a lyrical genius. I cannot stop listening to this album. The first six will surely grab your earbuds; the latter will grab your soul.

~Pete "The Meat" Miller is my younger bro and one of my closest friends in life.  He is also a brilliantly talented songwriter and musician.  I kid you not.  I remember not too long ago I was the one telling him about all these new artists while he was packing up for college and now he is showering me with the most amazingly chill beautiful sparkling music.  He embraces life with a deep breath, a steady smile and a tune at the ready.  Given that music is his passion, he is always on the lookout for that under-the-radar goodness that makes you feel good.  And when he feels good, I feel good.


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