Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aurora Splice. Isn't that nice.

black satin steel
These are the three words that come to mind when I step into my brand new pair of Pearl Izumi Aurora Splice Knickers.  I’ve run in them a few times, and these puppies are meant to be taken seriously.  The fabric is as light as it is buttery and when they’re on you can hardly feel them but believe that they are working hard for you as soon as your feet hit the tarmac.  The Splice wick away moisture and also keep your legs the perfect temp.  Pearl Izumi says these fitted beasts are best for moderate weather (40-55 at the coolest), but I wore them on a cooler 35-degree day with some wind and my legs felt great.*
And besides feeling fabulous in them, I have tested their look with other trusted friends and they look fabulous on, too.  Total support on the booty and the legs and NO muffin tops.  I also love the way they’re notched at the calf, rather than scrunching your leg like the ends of a sausage casing.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Price-wise, they’re higher range ($60) - and while I’m all for throwing direct business to the brand, Zappos has free shipping and return, so go with them if you’re on the fence with sizing (you want them snug but ultimately you got to feel comfortable in your second skin).  Not that you’re in the market.  But if you ARE.  Try them out.  
Your legs will love you.
*In an effort of full disclosure, my bod warms up pretty quickly - it’s my Scottish blood and I am my father’s daughter.


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