Saturday, November 13, 2010

little lion man.

thursday night
mumford + sons
clay, claire, kevin, kay.  
a foursome whose names keep hard “C" sounds and make alliteration a job.
king charles
cadillac sky
turns out the opening bands have hard “C” sounds, too.  stars aligned.  i like that saying only because i think of stars in a straight line across a galaxy above our earth but have no real belief that it would effect human behavior.  
kay, claire, kevin, clay, king charles, cadillac sky.  
amazing openers and one of the best shows i’ve seen at the house of blues ever.
I don’t care about bandwagons or how Mumford’s blown up in recent months
how they fill the venues
how people talk
i only wish i’d seen them when they filled small houses because the intimacy that came from 1,000+ humans staring at a stage watching 4 guys who are covered in passion was just as real as if i sat on the edge of my couch and watched them break banjo strings in my living room.
at one point king charles, cadillac sky and mumford were all on stage together. it was the encore.  the banjos found each other, the bass sunk into slow sorrow and the fiddles winked and twinkled as the kick drums pulsed.  harmonies, bearded men bellowing into shared microphones, leaning shoulders and backs into each other as if the sounds escaped between their ribs touching
and we’re beaming under lights and singing, too
all of us and the balcony.
a crowd of consonance 
another hard “c”, more stars form a straight line somewhere in this universe above us
i found myself standing staring in awe at the awesomeness 
how music brings us to each other
we ate burgers at 1am
we lost kevin.
we cabbed home and my head told my heart....
and awake my soul.....
and little lion man.

i couldn't find a good video from boston, so i went with this one from london's apollo taken about a month ago. the energy from the crowd is just as amazing here. singing with the band made for a great night.  fun fun times.

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